Certified Pilates Instructor

Julie has more than 16 years’ experience and expertise in ballet, modern and social dance, Pilates, yoga, and myo-fascia release. Her career began as a professional dancer in New York City after she earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She performed regularly with White Road Dance Media, Experience Vocal Dance, and From The Desk of Sarah Seely. She also performed as the resident dancer in Michael Alan’s living art installation in Manhattan. While in New York, she began to understand the healing powers of movement through her opportunities as a performer and her work as a social dance and Pilates instructor.

Inspired to continue her education, Julie completed teacher training programs in Pilates and dance, studying under Pilates master trainers Lesley Powell, Shelley Studenberg, Teri Steele, Rebekah Rotstein, and Kuan Hui Chew. Her certifications include Pilates Mat with Steele Pilates, a 500-hour comprehensive Pilates with Balance Body University, Myo-fascia Release from Embody Practice Center, Reiki with master Jamie Wozny, and Social Dance with Start Dancing NYC. She also holds continuing education certificates in Body Brain Connect, which links brain science with movement, prenatal/post-partum Pilates, sports conditioning, osteoporosis, scoliosis, sciatica, S-I dysfunction, and multifidi dysfunction.

Always learning, Julie has had the privilege of taking classes and workshops under first generation Pilates instructors Mary Bowen and Lolita San-Miguel, as well as second-generation instructors Elizabeth Larkam and Wendy Le-Blanc Arbuckle. In addition to Pilates and dance, Julie has extensive experience and training in Anatomy, Barteneiff fundamentals, the Feldenkais method, and yoga. She uses her deep understanding of anatomy and vast knowledge of the human form to help her clients achieve their fitness goals.

Julie is passionate about facilitating an improved quality of life through movement. She spent several years as an instructor at Erika Bloom’s prestigious studio in Manhattan, has worked alongside physical therapists, with celebrities, professional dancers, and athletes. She has been a traveling instructor on the sets of Django Unchained, Scandal, and Confirmation. Julie is currently seeing clients in Los Angeles, California and abroad through her coaching series.