Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Stott and Physicalmind Certified Pilates Instructor (Carola Trier Lineage)
Physio Rehab Assistant
Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hours)
Thai Yoga Massage Therapist (Level 1)

​Cicely Nelson is an experienced instructor and practitioner of Pilates and Yoga. She holds numerous certifications in Pilates and Yoga modalities as well as in Thai Massage; specializing in pre- and post-natal care, scoliosis, osteoporosis, general injury prevention and rehabilitation, and palliative care. Her approach runs the gamut from mindful and somatic to rigorous and athletic, depending on students’ needs and preferences, but alignment and structural and somatic integrity are always priorities. She has served on the faculty at the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle (2010-2012), and has taught at Erika Bloom Pilates Plus in NYC, Turks and Caicos, and Los Angeles (2006-present) and at the Movement Studio and Envision Physiotherapy in Vancouver, BC, Canada (2012-2016). Her training in ballet, modern dance, flamenco, and classical music performance and pedagogy also informs her movement practices.