The GYROTONIC® method was developed by Juliu Horvath, a professional dancer who suffered from debilitating injuries, as a form of physical healing and a method for regaining and increasing strength and agility. Gyrotonic is a mind-body exercise that combines yoga-like breathing with flowing, circular movements to help increase flexibility, strength, circulation, balance, and coordination. The movements are 3 dimensional in technique and are performed on custom designed equipment. While it is a helpful form of treatment for a wide array of injuries, it has shown to be especially effective as a form of treatment, rehabilitation, and injury prevention for athletes, namely tennis and golf players.

Gyrotonic for Tennis and Golf

With its growing popularity, tennis and golf players of all levels have been using Gyrotonic to improve their game. Athletes like tennis player Andy Murray, golf players Mark Wilson and Tiger Woods, and even football player Charles Tillman (aka ‘Peanut’) all have turned to Gyrotonic to keep them at their peak performance levels. Touted benefits include better alignment, improved weight placement and balance, a wider range of motion and better strokes, stronger wrists, ankles, core, and back, and improved breath control, focus, and muscle responsiveness. The claims are large, but they do make sense.

Gyrotonic focuses heavily on the center of the body, placing special emphasis on the articulation, mobility, and wave-like motions of the spine. As most of an athlete’s power comes from the core, it is no surprise that Horvath found this to be of particular importance. The movements are gentle, natural, and uninterrupted, but require great focus, making it an effective form of exercise for both rehabilitation and injury prevention. The special attention on breathing, in combination with precise movements, allow for greater blood and oxygen flow, making muscles more relaxed and responsive and athletes more grounded and focused.

Ultimately, Gyrotonic has a place in more than just rehabilitation programs. Integrating it into an athlete’s cross training regimen as a regular form of exercise could not only help prevent injury, but also improve performance. It may seem a little off the beaten path, but sometimes the best things are. And with top athletes swearing by Gyrotonic, it may just be time for you to try it out for yourself.

Beverly Hills Posture instructors Alina Bolshakova and Gina Chai are certified in Gyrotonic and available for appointments Monday through Saturday. Give us a call to schedule with one of them and start your journey to optimal performance today!