DRX 9000 Treatment

Our DRX 9000 program is the best in the nation. This technology offers state-of-the-art spinal decompression treatment alongside a three-stage physical therapy program to restore function and get you back in action. We provide one-on-one patient care tailor-made for each specific case…because every body is different.

Not every patient is a candidate for DRX. An evaluation with Dr. Ozar is necessary to determine if DRX is a good fit for your treatment plan.

Angled Distraction

The DRX technology uses angled distraction specific to each lumbar intervertebral disc segment, applying about 80-90% of pull to a single disc segment, resulting in more effective reversal of the disease process. In addition, the software in the DRX program creates an intermittent disc distraction, a major key component in restoring discal hydration and health.

Studies have shown the DRX 9000 therapy to be 89.9% effective in relieving low back pain, which may include a ruptured or herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and or facet syndrome.

DRX 9000 Facts

  • FDA Cleared January 1998
  • Designed by neurosurgeons and medical engineers after 15 years of research
  • Creates intermittent disc distraction – a very important component for discal hydration and health restoration
  • Creates a negative intradiscal pressure of up to -200mm Hg
  • Allows the disc to be re-oxygenated, rejuvenated, rehydrated and re-nutrified
  • Reduces discal scar tissue

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