About Beverly Hills Posture

Dr. Walker Ozar, D.C.

Walker Ozar, D.C., founded Beverly Hills Posture in 1999 as a one-stop wellness center designed to eliminate the need for patients to travel back and forth between medical offices, gyms, and fitness studios for their care.

Since then, Walker and his group of veteran health and wellness professionals have worked with thousands of people to create individualized treatment plans as well as complete exercise programs to help clients quickly improve their health.  More importantly, the team works to ensure that patients continue to stay healthy and fit for life.

Beverly Hills Posture

Working together, the Beverly Hills Posture team combines individualized chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, prenatal care, personal training, yoga, Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and/or other fitness and exercise programs as needed to achieve desired results. Our 4,000 square foot facility includes 4 fitness rooms, 1 private yoga studio, 6 Pilates Reformers, 4 Cadillacs, 3 Wunda Chairs, 3 ladder barrels, 2 GYROTONIC Pulley Towers, 1 jumping-stretching board, and 8 treatment rooms.

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